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SDLC Audits

Overall Objective:

Determine whether appropriate SDLC and project management methodologies are used for all types of development activities which has been integrated with the test and change/release management methodologies.

Key Activities:

·       Assess security over production software environment

·       Assess adequacy of version control

·       Assess adequacy of change migration and release management controls

·       Assess whether access to create production branches is properly restricted

·       Assess adequacy of integrated releases between application and database changes and other DevOps preactices

·       Assess whether boards are being updated on a continuous basis

·       Assess whether proper Waterfall & Agile practices are being followed based on the type of developmnent activity

·       Assess whether product backlog is being adequately managed

·       Assess adequacy of test environments to support the type of development methodology deployed

·       Assess adequacy of testing practices to support software deployments


Next Steps

Complete the Information Request form  and Audit Serve will contact you to scale the audit scope to the requirements of your organization and establish a proposal for the engagement.