Social Engineering Testing Services
Is your staff properly safeguarding 
restricted information?

email phishing *  phone pretexting
Dumpster Dive *  Penetration of Sensitive Locations

All scripts are customized  by Audit Serve for  each client to provide the best possible test conditions

Cost of Service: Starting from $1795



SSAE 16 Report Evaluation Services 

Engagement Objective:  To ensure that the 
SSAE 16 SOC 1 report and SOC2 reports 
issued by the Service Organization is 
meeting the requirements of your organization

Cost of Service: Starting from $495 



Services in Focus

Audit Serve’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Consulting Services

Organizations are faced with the challenge of interpreting the key GDPR Articles and implementing solutions which require potential changes and business processes which translates into significant changes to the IT environment.  Project initiatives need to be established to handle the various requests from data subjects for access and changes to the manner in which there personal data is used, stored and shared. 

Audit Serve's Project Impact Analysis will provide the guidance necessary to structure the project that reduces the overall scope of the project in which the key deliverables produced include a detailed project plan along with a specification of how the project should be approached.    
If you want us to complete the most critical component of the project

Establish the data specification of business processes which utilize personal data (established as part of Article 30) which is linked to the to the initial disclosures to the data subjects at the onset of the relationship (as required by Article 13, 14 and is part of the overall Article 7 Expressed Consent) which is linked to the SARs (Subjects Access Requests) that will be initiated by Data Subjects (as part of Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21).

Audit Serve's  Project Assessment process will provide your organization a periodic report which validates the project areas in which GDPR compliance has been reached and areas where additional work needs to be performed. 

Upcoming Audit Serve Seminars

Audit Serve Seminars offered through the Harrisburg ISACA chapter

 GDPR: Assessement, Implementation
and Auditing Approaches

March 8th
Harrisburg, PA
Registration information to be posted Jan 15th

Audit Serve Seminar offered through the NJ ISACA chapter
How to Audit Agile & Waterfall
Development Methodlogies

January 30th
Edison, NJ
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