Making Project Management Disciplines a Key Cornerstone to a Successful System Development Project – Part 2 of 2


As part of an audit of Project Management the first thing which needs to be understood is whether the Project Manager is the one updating the project plan.  Splitting this responsibility between two separate groups or individuals would create a risk that the disposition of project tasks would not be updated in a timely fashion. 

Project Management extends beyond updating the project plan but includes having the Project Manager provide sufficient oversight over the completion of the individual tasks assigned to individuals or groups to ensure they are completed within the required times.  One key area of responsibility of the Project Manager is to ensure the individuals or groups assigned specific tasks have the competencies and expertise to complete their assigned tasks.  For instance, the group assigned the data mapping responsibilities need to have the business aptitude to understand the differences in business rules between the old system and the new system being deployed in order to establish the translation logic.  At the same time this data mapping team needs the IT experience to understand how to extract the underlying data which is required to understand the true differences between the stored values for static fields.  The review of the stored values is critical to support the data mapping because the selection list of acceptable values may be different from the stored values.

It is critical for the Project Manager to monitor the progress of each task to determine whether the individuals being assigned are not able to perform their assigned tasks and if not, immediate action is needed to reassign the task to qualified individuals.

Since the entire individual’s assigned project tasks may not be necessarily report directly to the Project Manager, it important that the Project Manager understand whether these individuals have 100% of their time allocated to project tasks.  Based on the target dates in which specific tasks need to be completed, the Project Manager may need to escalate the issue of competing work the individual is assigned which impacts the completion of assigned project tasks.

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